“We Think Outside The Hatbox”

Our designs. Round and Oval—soon Square. We specialize in larger hatboxes, wedding, lingerie,
fashion boutique, display, all sizes to 25 inch Derby Style and more…all lined.

All boxes are intended to fashionably impress, from retro-nostalgic to trendy, chic and elegant. Our hat boxes can be fully lined inside as an option our larger ones are lined. You can customize your own, pick from our selection on the site, or choose from our fine line of stunning fabrics in a variety of colors and patterns, if you are unable to find anything you don’t like, ask us what fabric you are looking for— We can create a custom box in most any shape or size 3 inches – 25 inches or match colors. Creme de la Creme designer to basic fabric we fund through out the world.

We are the owners and manufacturer for fabric covered boxes and more we hand make each box from scratch, piece by piece. All in our Sonoma Warehouse.

“We Do Think Outside the Hatbox” at Lady Chic and Lartisane Box, Inc.

We pride ourselves on fine workmanship, each box is handmade from start to finish, starting from scratch each piece of chipboard and non- toxic glue eco- friendly and recyclable materials are used. We use only quality and expensive materials and fabrics, we do not dye our fabrics and our boxes do not have an odor. We care about you and will work with you on your custom design and take the time with you, we are not mass produced and purchase all materials here in the USA. However have the capability to do up to a 1000 of boxes and more. Our fabrics are from the USA and imported from France, Italy and Canada.

Select from quality trimmings, our latest is making logo’s on Giclee’s gorgeous Finnish on canvas. Also custom silk screening, stamps or personalized engraved silver, gold, bronze and brass name plates or logo’s for that special finishing touch. Whether for product packaging, gifts, wine, promotional, hat boxes or wedding etc. We have a fabric covered box that will fit your needs and exceed your expectations. Bags and paper boxes don’t last and get tossed out, as a fabric box will stand the test of time and age gracefully.

Debra About Us

Meet Debra

Debra’s love and creativity comes from her Mother and her inspiration.  Learning fashion design at Patricia Steven’s Finishing and Modeling School in San Francisco, captured Debra’s attention into fashion colors, textures for clothes. Capsulizing into fabrics has let her to receive wide recognition and acclaim.   HatBoxesByLadyChic is a division of L’Artisane box Inc that is a registered name and handmade-promotional, corporate, wine, wedding, lingerie, candy boxes. Packaging, display, custom design and gift boxes, just about anything else you can think of that can be represented in a gorgeous fabric covered box.

Handmade in the Wine Country of Sonoma, and Burlingame, California, USA

You will see the love and passion in each one of their newly created HatboxesByLadyChic — all boxes are handmade in Sonoma Wine Country and Burlingame, California USA and our wedding boxes and artist boxes come with a signed and numbered certificate. All Materials are bought here in the USA and some fabrics are imported from Provence, France and  Milan, Italy.

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